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Hi, my name is Bobbi Morton and I have lived in Lincoln California now for 6 years.  I have always loved to bake and create new desserts for my friends and family to enjoy.  After several years of prodding, I finally decided to offer some of my creations to the public.

I make use of some old family recipes as well as adding my own personal touch to newer recipes I come across.

I'm happy to do single orders as well as help to provide treats for larger events.  I hope you find something your interested in.  If you want to just try something different, check out our 5 Dollar Friday page.  Each week we offer something different, with a minimum of 2 orders you also get free delivery in Lincoln

Five Dollar Fridays

Want to sample our different items? Every Friday we do a different creation using the highest quality ingredients and focusing on taste and freshness.  We then deliver free to your doorstep (2 order min) within Lincoln.  Check our $5 page to see whats coming


Menu and Holiday 

We offer a selection of Cakes, Cookies, Pies, and Specialty Desserts.  Check out our Menu Page to get a list of items we bake and base prices.  We can also assist you if you have a special event you are planning for and can assist with set up and presentation. You can contact us via text or phone call at 530-409-7419, thru Facebook at , or send us a email thru our contact page

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